Anam Khawaja, Visual Designer & Illustrator. 

Anam Khawaja, Visual Designer & Illustrator. 


Hello, I'm Anam, I'm a freelance visual designer & illustrator currently residing in San Francisco. 

I went to art school in Australia and graduated with a bachelor of communication design specializing in illustration from the Queensland College of Art.

While working for a digital agency, I quickly learnt that doing freelance projects gave me a greater sense of accomplishment and happiness. I've officially been a full time freelance visual designer since 2013. 

My work is rooted in research, iteration, and open dialogue. I'm excited and motivated to find imaginative solutions for complex problems and moving ideas from the concept stage to finished, polished artwork.

I absolutely love connecting and working alongside clients while really understanding the needs of the project at hand. I strive to create timeless artwork that clients are proud to show off.