Q. What is your creative process?

It goes something like this:

  • I start by getting the client to fill out this form.

  • We schedule an in person or video meeting to discuss the details of your project and I ask you a bunch of questions.
  • I go away and draft up a proposal document, outlining the details of how I recommend moving forward with the design job. This also includes milestones and sign off checkpoints.
  • Once you are happy with the proposal document, we both go ahead and sign the proposal and the terms and conditions paperwork.
  • Once that is done we officially begin the design job.
  • At this stage I carry out preliminary, extensive research regarding your project. And collect and develop rough concepts to run past the client and gauge whether, or not, we are on the same page.
  • Usually after we have developed a strong reference point I go on to produce a preliminary, partially designed, unrefined, quick first draft of the actual deliverable. Once again feedback is exchanged and after client approval we move on the the next stage.
  • Now I develop high resolution, pixel perfect, polished and refined version of the concept.
  • I package the final, editable, print ready, design file in a folder along with the required exported file formats, a collection of sliced design asset images. Documentation/specification sheet providing guidelines on how using the final design.
  • After the approval and final hand off I available for post delivery support and guidance.

Q. What software do you usually use?

Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Indesign | Adobe Dreamweaver | Sketch App | Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

Q. Do you have technical experience?

Unfortunately, technical, development languages and coding are not my forte. I have started to upgrade my technical skillset, however, I am only a novice at this stage. 
My primary expertise is designing visual elements and generating the literal visual design and how it will work and flow together to communicate the project's message.  

Q. How do you go about communicating with clients?

I'm available by email, phone and video chat. Monday to Friday. In person meetings can also be arranged. 

q. Fixed price or hourly rate?

Both! It really depends on what you prefer.

q. What is your hourly rate?

$75.00 per hour. USD

q. How do you estimate a fixed price for a complete project?

After meeting with the client, I break down the total scope of the work into smaller milestones and estimate how many hours each part would take.
I then calculate the final fixed price estimate based on the hours. 

q. How many design revisions are included in the total fixed price?

One complimentary design revision.
Extra revisions will be charged at the hourly rate. 

q. Do you provide multiple design options from which we select a final?

Not typically. I usually like to hone in on one or two options. However, I don't want to limit your creative exploration!  If you would like to see multiple versions - just let me know and I can definitely work towards that!
Please note: extra versions means extra hours so this will be billed hourly and added to the over all invoice.

q. What if change my mind and want to go in a different design direction?

I would hate limit your creative process, so we can definitely change directions at anytime once the payment has been received for the work/hours completed to date. Additional hours will be added to the final invoice and billed at the hourly rate.

q. What if we need help or ongoing support after the project is finished and delivered?

Sure thing! I got you. I will be available to provide ongoing guidance and help after the project is finished.
Any extensive help or changes to the final design will be billed at the hourly rate.